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Drug addiction treatment wichita suboxone buprenorphine


Convenient, Confidential, Effective

Harmony is an Addiction Medicine Specialty office providing medication treatment for addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other substances. Located in Wichita, KS, our office offers once monthly appointments and virtual appointments for patients who are stable and/or that live or work a significant distance from the office.

We offer a safe, legal and effective medical treatment to help people begin to heal from addiction.

For more information about these effective, science-backed treatments of opiate addiction please go to the Opiate Treatment page. There you will find more information about buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) and naltrexone (Vivitrol.)

Please visit the Alcohol and Other Substances page to learn how we can help you or your loved one gain sobriety without going into rehab or help them maintain sobriety after they complete inpatient treatment.

Take back control of your life.

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