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Care By Professionals You Can Trust


Our physician is a board-certified addiction medicine specialist. Patients struggling with addiction to alcohol and other illicit substances may schedule a consult for treatment recommendations and medications specialized to their personal situation.


Many patients can perform alcohol detox as an outpatient without necessitating inpatient rehab treatment. Our office can assess your situation to determine if this is appropriate for you. If so, we can see you in our medical office and provide medication and instructions as well as monitoring to ensure your outpatient detox is done appropriately and safely.

Once a patient has detoxed, whether through our office and an inpatient stay, we can help with their aftercare. There are FDA-approved medications that have been shown effective in controlling cravings to drink and decrease the rate of return to heavy drinking. We encourage every patient who performs an alcohol detox to consider taking one of these maintenance medications for at least a few months while they continue their sobriety.


If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction to a substance other than alcohol or opiates please call our office to discuss your options.

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